Friday, May 16, 2014

Finding One's Self is a Beautiful Thing....

A lot has happened in the past month.  It's been so hectic I haven't had time to properly sit and reflect on everything.  It started with what I thought was going to be a nice little get away trip with Brink to Ammold then onto New Eden.  See new space and get away from Adirain for awhile.  Brink, however, had other plans.  When we got to Ammold, we got married.  We continued on to New Eden and I got to see this Eve Gate everyone has been talking about.  I was surprised that we were the only ones there. 

Since we got back, it's been nothing but moving and going through everything.  Moving into Brink's Captain's Quarters, is no small task.  It's getting a bit crowded with all the loot that has been collecting.  Not to mentioned the countless damaged and half borken packages that barely made it to Adirain, but Brink insists we keep them. "We might need it one day".   I earned my Black Jacket and became a member of R1FTA shortly after returning home to Adirain.  I was so excited, however, being the wife of a R1FTA director came with unexpected responsibilities and stress.  Lots of social networking events I had to attend, putting in local appearences, etc, etc.  Learning to manage this had become somewhat draining.

I needed to find my place in Eve.  I don't want to only be known as the wife of Brink Albosa but as Nora Albosa. I headed out in my Slasher to think.  I went out to find my calling.

I came across a Rifter in a Plex.  I loaded the autocannons and went for it.  I fought the Rifter and won, but I lost my Slasher to her three friends.  I was able to escape in my pod and was suffering from a severe case of the good fight shakes mixed with the ahhh I'm running for my life shakes - I was a little rusty. While looking for parts for my next Slasher I came across this:


There it was in front of me, my calling, I was destined to be a Frigate PvP pilot.  But why a Frigate PvP pilot?  I realized that I was beginning to fall in love how they are often under estimated, quick, and most of all fairly inexpensive.  I remembered Brink telling me about the different types of PvP corps and to this day, Screaming Hayabusa stood out in my mind.  I quizzed him the rest of the night about anything and everything about them.  

I came back home and told Brink I was seriously thinking of applying to Screaming Hayabusa but I was nervous because I had just gotten my Black Jacket.  He told me he wanted me to do whatever was going to make me the happiest and that I had to find my place in Eve.  I decided to think about it for a few days. Don't need to be making any big decisions without sleeping on it.

Seeing the same space, moons, planets and stations was starting to wear on me.  I started to go stir crazy. I threw a dart at the map and took off.  While loading up on more bullets I saw that photo again.  Do I have what it takes?  Screw it, there is only one way to know anf that is to try.  I inquired if they were recruiting.  After a brief interview, and putting in my app, I was accepted.  

Stunned, I flew home as fast as I could to tell Brink.  Brink was sitting at the bar drinking whiskey and smoking as usual.  I told him that I had joined Screaming Hayabusa.  His jaw dropped and cigarette fell onto the bar.  He then smiled and gave me a huge hug and kissed my forehead.  Grinning ear to ear he put  his cigarette back in his mouth and told me how proud and happy he was that I was going to do what I wanted to do with my life.

Thus begins a new chapter in my life.

~N. Albosa

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    Nice read; and welcome aboard :)